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Geothermal finds on NZ southern Island could create tourism opportunities

Geothermal development and tourism are areas that, if exploited appropriately can be a invaluable asset for local communities and economies.

Local news from New Zealand inform that “Scientists drilling under the Southern Alps to investigate the Alpine Fault near Franz Josef Glacier found warm water a little way down – and temperatures as high as 110°C at the bottom of the hole.”

Geothermal energy has more uses beyond power generation and countries like Iceland have exploited tourism and other activities related to this particular industry very successfully in the past.

On this sam line, NZ Geothermal Association executive officer Brian White said:

“If you imagine Hamner Springs, Maruia Springs, bringing half a million tourists to an area – maybe something similar can happen with that sort of resource.
“Geothermal started as a tourism venture over 100 years ago. This is a return to our roots, really.”

“It’s below Hokitika on the West Coast and slightly inland so you’ve got to do quite a bit of marketing to make it attractive. You’re selling the idea of warmth, bathing, that sort of thing, but the benefits are linked into it.”

Source: Radio New Zealand News

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