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Geothermal heat at PIVOT 2022 online geothermal conference

Don’t miss the PIVOT 2022 “All Hands on Deck” geothermal conference July 25-29, 2022 and in particularly the all important topic of heat and the connected panels.

This year’s PIVOT geothermal conference looks like already a big success. … with a tremendously ambitious, exciting and full program, the event promises an incredibly amount of fantastic sessions.  So don’t miss PIVOT 2022 – All Hands on Deck.

The event will be a full five days with “spirited panel, roundtable, competition, and fireside chat style sessions on a variety of contemporary geothermal topics. Each day at PIVOT2022 will follow a different theme, so attendees can easily focus on the topics that are most relevant to them. PIVOT2022 will be translated live into ten languages, and is free to attend. All are welcome globally.

Check out the full program and register for the event >> here <<

While doing discredit to the many many other sessions, I would love to point to some of the specific sessions focused on heat. It is one of the most beneficial attributes of geothermal energy for the global energy transition (heat transition) that makes this an important topic. Furthermore it is an utterly timely topic also in the light of national security in the context of the Ukrainian situation and Europe’s luring energy crisis. So here a few sessions – likely not complete – that I think should be of particular interest (not only as I am part of two sessions).

Monday July 25

1.00 pm (GMT) – Earth as a Heat Battery: Could the Subsurface Solve Energy Storage (with Nick Cestari, Joseph Batir, Ph.D., Dr. Palash Panja, Travis McLink, Dr. Jack Norbeck)

Tuesday, July 26

5:00 pm (GMT) – From Hydrocarbons to Heat: Technology Transfer, Development, Acceleration & Scale/ A Future of Geothermal in Texas Report Preview (with Rebecca Schulz, P. Pejman) Shoeibi Omrani, Gioia Falcone, Dragutin Domitrovic, Junichi Sugiura)

[sorry did not find the banner for the session]

Wednesday, July 27

2:00 pm (GMT) – Decarbonizing Heat with Geothermal: An Overview of Major Launches and Initiatives (with Ben Furnas, Caroline Hon, Sean Porse, Eveline deVaal, Alexander Richter)

Thursday, July 28

1:00 pm (GMT) – Ukraine, the EU Energy Crisis, and the Geothermal Opportunity (with Gerdi Breembroek, Sanjeev Kumar, Julian Popov, Andreas Graf, Alexander Richter)

2:00 pm (GMT) – Could Geothermal Greenhousing be the Future of Food? Exploring the Geo-Agricultural Revolution (with Jennifer Mei-Mei Pickering, Jesse Nyokabi, Martin van der Hout, Kelly Blake, Karl Farrow)

6:00 pm (GMT) – Who Owns Heat? Legal Perspectives & Where We Go From Here (with Ben Sebree, Gabriel Eckstein, Peter E. Hosey, Nicholas C. Miller, Michael J. Tomsu)


But of course there are a ton of other sessions on venture capital, technologies and so much more that are as exciting (and maybe even more… ) But don’t miss this exciting event.

Register here:

… and as a small warm up, you can find the recordings of last year’s event here:

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