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Geothermal Information Portal has been launched for Uganda

A new geothermal information portal has been launched for the country of Uganda that is supposed to help facilitate geothermal development in the country.

A new information portal providing information about geothermal policy and law development in Uganda has been launched.

This was announced by Carbon Counts, an independent consultancy providing a range of advice in the field of climate change. It has a focus on international climate change policy, in particular technology development, deployment, financing and regulation.

The portal can be accessed at

The portal provides an array of information on:

  1. Geothermal energy technology
  2. Experiences with geothermal energy around the world
  3. A snapshot of current resource status in Uganda
  4. Project background information
  5. Stakeholder engagement programme
  6. Project status

Carbon Counts request that users sign-up to access information on the portal so that we can get an idea of usage and generate a list of contacts for future updates. A simple password of “0000” will suffice to access the site.

Source: Carbon Counts

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