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Geothermal leasing stalled in the U.S.

Geothermal industry in the U.S. at cross-roads with lengthy permitting process and fading demand.

Not promising news come from the US, since a recent post details that geothermal leasing is currently at a standstill.

According to E&E Publishing, “geothermal leasing has declined in Nevada and nationwide in recent years, with Silver State sales bookending the demise of the energy source’s leasing glory years.” yet why has it stalled?

The same source details the two points of view, from one side, the industry itself blames red-tape and inefficient practices since “years of regulation between exploration and power production” are not making geothermal a very attractive alternative. In the same article it is mentioned that it can take a minimum of 5 and 7 years to actually carry out all the assessments, project impacts and other necessary studies.

On the other hand, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) focuses on the lack of bids in this particular sector.

In both cases, there needs to be a middle ground were this impasse has to be bridged. The current lack of development is affecting the industry as a whole and a solution is need, sooner rather than later. The article showcases some alternatives and some possible ways out of the current deadlock, yet consensus and a unified strategy between the government and the industry is the most plausible and efficient way forward.

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Source: E&E Publishing

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