Geothermal Musical – communicating the opportunities of geothermal

Geothermal musical, VITO, Belgium (source: YouTube/ screenshot)
Alexander Richter 20 Nov 2017

Efforts by employees of VITO, the developer of a geothermal project in Belgium have been recognised with an award given for their geothermal musical and communication efforts to promote geothermal energy.

There have been various different attempts on creatively promote geothermal energy and highlight what it has to offer, but doing this as part of a musical … this is something new.

Recently, employees of Belgium-based VITO have been honoured for a musical and “experience days” at the geothermal project site at Balmatt in Mol, Belgium.

The Musical was created for and largely being conducted by young people between 10 and 13 years old to sensitize them for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. In an exciting and playful way, the young people are immersed in the technology and energy of the future through film fragments and live music theater.

Just under 3,500 science fans cast their vote on various projects and the “geothermal musical” won.


The Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium and the Young Academy annually award the “science communication awards” to scientists with exceptional merit in science communication. All forms of science communication are eligible: books, projects or activities for specific target groups, (popularizing) articles, lectures, blogs, participation in panels, science cafés, workshops …

This time, fifteen scientists or teams received an award. Everyone could vote for the Public Favourite on the Eos website.

Source: Eos Wetenschap