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Geothermal news in Spanish via PiensaGeotermia

Geothermal news in Spanish can be found via ThinkGeoEnergy’s sister publication PiensaGeotermia. We are reporting on geothermal development and are always looking for help on finding the news that show that things are happening in geothermal development globally. So feed us with news.

Initial feedback from our readers through our Annual Reader Survey, if you haven’t filled it out you should, gives us some interesting things to think about.

One of the remarks was that people want to read more about news from Latin America. As we are trying to cover the global geothermal energy market, we are constantly trying to find all the news there are from all over the world, including Latin America.

ThinkGeoEnergy maintains a sister publication at, which provides geothermal news in Spanish. Both sites are working together and we are feed each other with news.

We need though your help as well. Send us news or links to news you think we are missing. We understand ourselves as a service to the geothermal industry and love reporting on stories as they are happening. But we need to find them and for that we need your help.

If you are interested, we are also always looking for guest writers to help support our cause of getting geothermal the attention it deserves.

So bring it on.

Alexander Richter ( & Abraham Ormad (



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