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Geothermal Rising Conference – Call for Sessions deadline January 8, 2021

Geothermal Rising has opened its Call for Sessions for the 2021 Geothermal Rising Conference (GRC) to be held in San Diego, California on October 3-6, 2021. We are inviting proposals for specific sessions for next year’s meeting. Sessions can be organized and led by up to two (2) people, a Session Chair and Session Co-chair. Successful Session Chairs will be expected to assist the Technical Program Chair to recruit authors and organize reviews. A session will include at least four (4) papers.

Session Title: Session proposals must include an informative title (20-300 characters, not including spaces) and entered in title case.

Description: The session description is limited to 250 words. The description will be used during the review process. Session descriptions will be reviewed by the GRC Volunteer Planning Committee for possible inclusion in the meeting. Successful session proposals will be listed on the GRC website during the draft paper submission phase to assist authors in identifying an appropriate session to submit their draft paper.

Descriptions must adhere to the following criteria:

  • Concise definition of the scientific topic. Proposals must focus on scientific results and/or their applications.
  • Explain why the session is topical and relevant.
  • Session proposals focused on a specific development program, experiment, technology, or region of expansion are encouraged.
  • Sessions in tribute of a specific person will be considered, but appropriate justification must be provided.
  • Session proposals that are deemed to be primarily advertisements of commercial products and services will not be considered.

Optional: Please include the names of any specific people that you would recruit to author a paper for this session.

Important dates:


Vicki Lindberg, Meeting Manager
phone: (703) 260-9992 (U.S.)

Serena Soterakopoulos, Meeting Coordinator
phone: (703) 260-9748 (U.S.)

Source: Geothermal Rising

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