German geothermal district heating project receives award

Deep Geothermal Energy in Kirchweidach, Germany (Source: Euroheat & Power Website)
Alexander Richter 28 Apr 2015

The Deep Geothermal Energy System in Kirchweidach, Germany has received a special award at the Euroheat & Power Congress held in Tallinn, Estonia.

During the Euroheat & Power Congress held in Tallinn, Estonia yesterday, a special award was given to the Deep Geothermal Energy System in Kirchweidach, Germany for its great success not only of generating green energy and heating but also creating jobs in the area. The following corresponds to the Press Release done by the Organization of the Event.

“Special award – category recognising significant innovation in District Energy: Deep Geothermal Energy System (Kirchweidach, Germany) This remarkable project delivers a sustainable energy solution that has strengthened the local economy! It harnesses heat and power from deep geothermal energy for growing vegetables that would otherwise be imported (creating 150 jobs), while also supplying residents with renewable heat and electricity. “The geothermal project in Kirchweidach is the result of a great joint effort from our citizens, both the local and the Bavarian administration and from the companies involved. This Special Award is the best motivation possible. Climate change is a global phenomenon, but we need to invest in energy reform on the local level to achieve sustainable development.” Johann Krumbachner, Mayor of Kirchweidach “After all the efforts in our community to realise this project, this Award is of great importance for us. The energy coming from the geothermal resource is so far underestimated as a major source for renewable energy in Germany. And it is not only about sustainability and energy efficiency, the District Heating system we have built has a very positive impact on the economic development of our region. We have created jobs and growth thanks to green energy.” Marcus Hansen, Managing Director, Kirchweidacher Energie GmbH (KiwE) ”

Source: Press Release by Euroheat & Power