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Greenpeace calling on renewable energy development in Indonesia

Indonesia should boost renewables and avoid transitioning from oil to coal for power generation.

Indonesia is in dire need for energy and non-renewable sources are not going to cut it, in fact, the government plans to cut subsidies to fossil fuels so renewable energy is the only way forward.

Greenpeace seems to think the same, since it has recently asked the Indonesian Government to pay more attention to the vast undeveloped renewable potential available. According to a recent piece in the Jakarta Post, “It will be too bad if the government fails to develop Indonesia’s renewable energy potential, including geothermal, solar and wind, in the process of developing the country’s infrastructure,” said Greenpeace Indonesia’s climate and energy campaigner Hindun Mulaika.

The environmentalist organization plans several demonstrations to raise awareness in the form of “flash mobs” in several cities in the country.

Source: Jakarta Post

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