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Iceland School of Energy – sustainable/ geothermal energy education

With an ambitious agenda, Iceland School of Energy of Reykjavik University in Iceland, is establishing itself as a hub for sustainable energy education, and this with a strong geothermal background through Iceland’s geothermal experience.

Iceland School of Energy, part of Reykjavik University in Iceland is building upon the renewable energy story of Iceland. With different educational programs, geothermal energy naturally plays a large role due to the geothermal utilisation in Iceland.

In our recently published Iceland issue of the Think GEOENERGY Magazine, we covered the school and its educational program.

It offers two 18-month master’s programmes in sustainable energy sciences and engineering in cooperation with local geothermal utility Reykjavik Energy (Orkuveitan) and the geothermal exploration specialists at Iceland GeoSurvey (ÍSOR).

Halla Hrund Logadóttir, is the Director of the School. We wanted to briefly ask her about why the program is so unique and how much geothermal plays a role in the program.

“What is unique about our programs is that they give students unparalleled access to the Icelandic energy industry through internships, field visits and collaborative research project. This allows them to build professional networks and gain hands on experience which advances their academic understanding and gives them heads up in the job market. The program is tight to Iceland’s expertise in geothermal energy development and geothermal therefore plays a big role in the curriculum. Our close partnership with Reykjavik Energy and Iceland Geosurvey, two leaders in geothermal energy industry in Iceland, supports our ambition in providing the best education available in that field.

To learn more about the school’s programs and mission see the website of the Iceland School of Energy

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