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Icelandic firm EFLA awarded consultant contract on Suswa project, Kenya

Icelandic engineering firm EFLA has been awarded the consulting contract on a review of the conceptual model of the Suswa Geothermal Prospect, Kenya.

Last week, Icelandic engineering firm EFLA was awarded a consulting contract by the Icelandic International Development Agency (ICEIDA).

The $300,000 contract was awarded for the review of the conceptual model of the Suswa geothermal prospect in Kenya.

The contract was tendered out in a competitive bidding process with the contract being awarded to EFLA and a signing of the contract on June 11, 2015.

The Suswa geothermal prospect has a potential of up to 600 MW of power generation capacity.

The project is co-funded by ICEIDA and the Nordic Development Fund (NDF).

In a statement in Icelandic papers of the weekend, Rúnar Magnússon, Head of the geothermal team at EFLA, said: “The project is part of Iceland’s activities on capacity building in geothermal development and utilization in East Africa and EFLA is quite excited to be part of those efforts.”

EFLA is an international engineering consultancy with main operations in Iceland and Norway and some strong geothermal experience under its belt.

The company is co-developing a geothermal project in Turkey, is working on the extension of Iceland’s Blue Lagoon and has worked in various other projects around the world.

Source: ICEIDA

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