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IGA joins newly launched Global Renewables Alliance

The International Geothermal Association joins other industry bodies representing renewable energy to launch the Global Renewables Alliance.

The International Geothermal Association (IGA) has joined other industry bodies representing sustainable energy to launch the Global Renewables Alliance. The memorandum of understanding between the member organizations was signed at the 8th day of COP27.

The unprecedented alliance brings together all the technologies required for the energy transition. The alliance also aims to position renewable energy as a pillar of sustainable development and economic growth, particularly in the global south.

The Global Renewables Alliance will use the collective weight of its member technologies to overcome the challenges affecting the global energy transition and increase the share of voice for renewables where fossil fuels are still disproportionately present.

Speaking with a single voice representing all key renewable energy technologies will serve to accelerate the energy transition through collective efforts on advocacy, education, market intelligence and data and engagement with international energy, economic and environmental institutions.

Joining the IGA in the Global Renewables Alliance are the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), Long Duration Energy Storage Council (LDES), Green Hydrogen Organisation (GH2), International Hydropower Association (IHA), and the Global Solar Council (GSC).

Source: IGA

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