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IID agrees on selling water to geothermal project of CE Obsidian Energy

Reported over the weekend, the Imperial Irrigation District (IID) Directors agreed to sell about 750,000 cubic meters of water per year to CE Obsidian Energy, LLC.

“Their project is the Black Rock 1,2 and 3 geothermal power project. IID agreed to sell the project 609 acre-feet of water per year (around 750,000 cubic meters). It comes out to 203 acre-feet of water per generating unit. The water comes out of the IID’s Interim Water Supply Policy. Under the policy, the District set aside 25,000 acre-feet of water per year to supply new non-agricultural projects. The interim policy is in effect until a more permanent Integrated Water Resources Management Plan is developed and adopted.

The sale to Obsidian is for a 30.5-year contract. Obsidian will pay $164,929 per year, with an initial $41,232 reservation fee. That fee is for the District to reserve the water for two years to allow Obsidian to begin construction and the District would actually begin water delivery.”

Source: KXO Radio

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