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IIGCE Field Trip to Wayang Windu geothermal plant – 12-13 Aug. 2016

As part of the as part of the Indonesia International Geothermal Convention & Exhibition 2016 that will take place August 10-12, 2016 in Jakarta/ Indonesia, a field trip is offered to the Wayang Windu geothermal plant.

Located 40 km south of Bandung in West Java, Wayang Windu Power Plant is operated by Star Enrgy Geothermal (Wayang Windu) Limited. A wholly owned subsidiary of Star Energy Group Companies. It is managed under a Joint Operation Contract with Pertamina to develop geothermal resources within the 12.960 hectare contract area. An Energy Sales Agreement between Star Energy, Pertamina and PLN, a state owned utility company, gives Star Energy the right develop up to 400 MW of electricity generating capacity over a period of 42 years, with each generating unit being scheduled to operate for at least 30 years. The JOC has the potential to ultimately deliver more than the already-contracted 400 MW of base load elctricity.

Wayang Windu Power Plant operates world’ first single steam turbine design by Fuji Electric, which until now has been operating for 16 years. At present, two units of geothermal power plant operating to supply a total of 227 MW of electricity to PLN, which is then transmitted to the west java transmission grid to power hungry west java.

Cost Of Participant

IDR 4.500.000,- (excl. 10% VAT)
Packages Include :

  1. Field Trip Wayang Windu, Star Energy Geothermal Operation Field
  2. 2 Days / 1 Night Accomodation & Transportation
  3. Meals During Stay
  4. Direct tour to actual power plant (usually not open for public)
  5. Get to see the in depth work flow of the power plant site

Details via IIGCE Website

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