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Incentives for geothermal as part of renewable energy support regulation Fer2 are back in Italy

Local news today from Italy report that the incentives for geothermal as part of the Fer2 regulations are coming back, with only minor final touches for the decree outstanding, as announced by the Undersecretaries for economic development during a visit to the Larderello geothermal plant in Tuscany, Italy.

“Fer2 is there, the incentives have been restored, the text has been modified for an improvement compared to what the yellow-green government had presented a year and a half ago and now only the last technical steps and notification to the commission are missing.

We are talking about a few weeks and then we will finally be able to close this painful wound and, I am convinced, to give a prospect of growth and development first of all to this territory “. This was announced in Larderello by Undersecretary for Economic Development (with specific delegation to geothermal energy) Alessia Morani, who was accompanied by the regional candidate Antonio Mazzeo to visit the Enel plant and to meet a group of entrepreneurs before to participate in a meeting with citizens.

In separate news a day earlier a partnership was announced between the Association of Energy Producers from solid Biomass (EBS) and the Italian Geothermal Union (UGI) where both pointed again for the need to reinstate incentives for geothermal and biomass into the decree.

The letter, informs a note, represents the first step in the path of collaboration and mutual support between the two associations. Ebs and Ugi underline “the need to make the authorization process for new plants efficient, with clear procedures and certain timelines” and “to protect the Italian assets of existing energy production plants with concrete measures, to avoid the risk of a progressive decommissioning of plants still in efficient operating conditions “.

“We are happy to announce the start of a new path together with EBS. We strongly believe in this collaboration and we are sure that it will bring concrete results opening great opportunities for both associations ”, declares Adele Manzella, president of UGI. “We believe it is fundamental that companies in the sector are safeguarded, even after the expiry of the current incentive system, so as to guarantee the sustainability of the modernization and maintenance interventions of the installed production capacity in optimal operating conditions”, concludes Antonio Di Cosimo, President of Ebs .

Source: La Nazione

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