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Information meeting on geothermal heating held in Buharkent, Turkiye

The Mayor Buharkent, Turkiye recently held a meeting to provide updates on the development of the geothermal district heating project in the district.

In an informational meeting, Buharkent Mayor Mehmet Erol shared the latest developments on a geothermal residential heating project on this district of Aydin, Turkiye. Announcement of this project was made by Mayor Erol in May 2022, as we reported.

President Erol gave the following information about the status of the project: “The number of people applying for heating is around 500. Our prerequisite for starting geothermal heating was the application of 2,000 people. As a result of our meetings in Ankara, we will request a loan from Iller Bank. With the loan we will get, it will be possible to bring geothermal heating to your home by making appropriate facilities. Although it is not possible for this year, we will hopefully start warming up at affordable prices in 2023.”

Pre-registration applications for the geothermal and district heating project in Ayd?n, Buharkent district started last month and Mayor Mehmet Erol was the first person to sign the project registration form.

In shared local news, the President emphasizes that in Aydin, which is known for its richness in geothermal resources, the people of the region cannot benefit enough from these resources and that they are struggling to change this situation by implementing this geothermal heating project.

Source: HABERLER.COM via our Turkish language platform JeotermalHaberler

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