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Initial funding for Mexico Center for Geothermal Energy Innovation

The Mexican government has provided initial funding of $18 million for the Center for Geothermal Energy Innovation (CeMIE-Geo) in Michoacán, Mexico.

Reported from Mexico, the national government has issued payment of $18 million in an initial funding step for the newly founded Michoacán’s Center for Geothermal Energy Innovation (CeMIE-Geo).

The Center has been established to facilitate the development in excess of 30 projects. The Center will cooperate with the Renewable Energies Institute of UNAM, the Center of Scientific Investigation and of Higher Education of Ensenada (CICESE) and other institutions.

These organisation constitute the Center and will provide among others short training courses of 3 weeks, but also diploma courses on specific topics, including exploration and reservoir engineering. In the future Master and PhD programs will also be part of the offering.

Source: Business News Americas

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