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International Geothermal Workshop, Bandung, March 18-20, 2015

The organizing committee has great pleasure in inviting you to Bandung to attend The 4th ITB International Geothermal Workshop 2015. Following the success of the last three workshops have brought us to the continuation and extension of the event in this year and the following years.

This year event, despite presenting the continuation of participation of ITB Master Degree Program respective partners, e.g. : PT. Pertamina Geothermal Energy, Star Energy, Chevron, Supreme Energy, USAID, Kyushu University, GFZ – Postdam, National Geological Agency, various universities in Indonesia and others, will also presenting new partner in collaboration such as West Java Geothermal Centre of Excellence, University of Southern California USA, ITC faculty of Twente University Netherlands, Mindoro Emerging Power of the Philippines and many others. They will speak about the current innovation and creativity on the geothermal exploration, exploitation and development not only for the geothermal resources but also for the human resources that support the acceleration geothermal development.

This year theme “Strengthening the Role of Human Resources for geothermal Development”, will bring new information about current research, innovation and exploration results in some frontier area of studies, in particular for Indonesian Geothermal Communities. Such results include engineering research and exploration for geothermal low-medium enthalpy apart from advance techniques in developing high enthalpy geothermal system.

We invite you to join our informative and exciting program in this 4th workshop which includes pre-workshop courses and trainings, plenary sessions, technical paper presentations, mid-workshop courses and geothermal field camp and field trip.

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Source: ITB International Geothermal Workshop Organizing Committee

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