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International interest in thermal storage efforts in Nevada

Swedish Baseload Capital is interested in working with UC Won LLC to develop the RenewGeo technology for thermal energy storage in Nevada

Swedish Baseload Capital has expressed interest in working with UC Won, LLC for future potential projects involving the RenewGeo thermal storage technology currently being developed in Nevada.

We had previously reported on the RenewGeo project, an ambitious thermal storage technology that extracts solar power as heat and stores it in old or unusable geothermal wells. This could be an innovative way to store solar energy and make it available on demand without using traditional bettery technology.

Baseload Capital is a specialized investment company that has been funding geothermal development projects worldwide. The company has ongoing partnerships in projects in Japan, Taiwan, and Iceland. They have also signed three land lease agreements in Nevada to set up a geothermal plant. We have reported on these developments.

UC Won had already received private funding for testing of RenewGeo and a commitment from a cryptominer to purchase their carbon-free power. Still, they are eager to welcome the support of Baseload Capital.

“Our sole focus is on developing a new technology and we need as much support as possible from those concerned about carbon emissions and climate change,” commented UC Won Managing Partner Mark Hauenstein. “Baseload Capital understands what we are doing and can bring financial expertise when it comes time to scale.”

UC Won, LLC is a Nevada limited liability company, founded in 2012 to create and manage a portfolio of intellectual properties focused on energy related technologies that are aligned with long term sustainable environmental goals.

Source: PR Web

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