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Japan amends legislation on renewable energy feed-in-tariff scheme

In amendments to the Renewable Energy Act of Japan, legislators require developers meeting certain feasibility criteria and start operation with a specific period of time.

In amendments to the Renewable Energy Act of Japan, the legislators in the county have made the most comprehensive changes to the feed-in-tariff system since the implementation of the Act.

With those amendments, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (“METI”) aims to make “certified renewable energy facilities to meet certain feasibility criteria and to commence operation and power production within a specified period of time following certification.”

The Amendments materially will change the standard timeframe and process for commencing renewable energy projects in Japan, and impose strict requirements for continued validity of the METI facility certification.

In a full article in Lexology, law firm JonesDay provide an analysis of the key amendments. So for the full article see link below.

Source: Lexology

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