Job – Geothermal Geologist, Geologica, Reno/ NV

Job – Geothermal Geologist, Geologica, Reno/ NV Geologica team at work (source: Company)
Alexander Richter 17 Mar 2021

U.S.-based Geologica Geothermal Group, a geothermal consulting group is seeking to hire a Geothermal Geologist for its operations in Reno, Nevada.

Geologica Geothermal Group, Inc. is seeking to hire an experienced Geothermal Geologist to fill an immediate opening in its Reno, Nevada office.

The Geothermal Geologist will be in charge of independent research and writing in support of project work. The primary goal fo the job will be the assessment of a large range of geothermal projects worldwide using geologic, geophysical, geochemical, remote sensing, and well data to build geologic  models. The Geothermal Geologist will be working closely with Geological geochemists, geophysicists, and reservoir specialists to achieve this goal.

For further detail, such as minimum candidate requirements, preferred experience etc., see link  below.

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Source: Geological via LinkedIn