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KenGen staff completes steam-field design training in Iceland

Geothermal professionals from KenGen recently completed an 8-weeks steam-field design training workshop, organised by Mannvit, Verkís and Reykjavik University.

Recently, geothermal professionals from KenGen completed an 8 weeks steam-field design training in Iceland.  The capacity building course was organised as a combination of lectures, workshops, study assignments and field trips, all aimed at preparing the course participants for future developments and utilisation of geothermal power in Kenya.

The course goals were to build capacity in steam field design and engineering for KenGen’s staff. The course was organized by Mannvit, Verkís and Reykjavik University and designed to provide the understanding, background theory and practical know-how required of steam field designers. The training program is done with introduction to steam field design and engineering in the eight weeks at location in Iceland. Following the course completion, participants have the basic know-how of geothermal steam pipelines and associated systems. In addition to being familiar with various elements of steam field systems and their components by covering all aspects of process piping design and stress analysis. With supplementary assignments the course participants applied the theory learned during the training course to solve practical real design challenges.

Source: Mannvit

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