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Kurita joins the European Geothermal Congress 2022 as silver sponsor

Kurita will be joining EGC 2022 on October 17-21, 2022 in Berlin, Germany as silver sponsor and will be hosting an exhibition booth and a presentation.

EGC is the largest geothermal congress in Europe, and the event brings together the entire European geothermal sector and attracts many from outside the continent. EGC 2022 will be hosted in Berlin, Germany as one of the leading markets for geothermal use in Europe. The congress is organised by EGEC, the European Geothermal Energy Council, which is the trade
association for geothermal in Europe. It takes place every 3 years.

Kurita Europe will be present in the congress as a silver sponsor, with the B9 booth in the exhibition area and speaker spot in the “Semi-Plenary 2A” Session on Thursday, October 20th. The presentation of Kurita Europe will be focused on the new approach that puts forward a complete solution by “Customized Technology Packages for Geothermal Applications”.

Geothermal is a renewable, consistent, and sustainable energy source of the future

During the last decades, geothermal utilization has become one of the strong candidates for green energy transition as it is a natural, renewable, and a 24/7 non-stop source. Improving technology in the possible uses of this resource is having a direct impact on the building of new facilities and the expansion of the market. The total geothermal installed capacity of power generation in the world reached up to 15 GW distributed along more than 150 power plants. A 5% projected growth is expected for this market by 2026 since it highly contributes to global zero-emission targets.

It is renewable but has natural challenges that come along with the source itself

Corrosion and scaling are the most common issues geothermal faces. Without an appropriate treatment in place, they tend to cause temporary and even permanent damage to the process, decrease efficiency, and increase the operational cost due to the additional maintenance. Kurita has solution technologies for geothermal applications to protect the whole system from scaling and corrosion starting from the production site until re-injection. Environmentally friendly products sustain re-injection surveillance in the process.

The KurithermTM product range provides multi-functional treatment programs to avoid any clogging and/or capacity drop of the well. Direct use applications and power plants have a chance to increase total output by applying proper surface treatment that supports sustaining and enhancing the efficiency of the system.

Kurita aims to present a complete solution package in geothermal including online and offline cleaning operations if needed, cooling water treatment, and online monitoring systems to track the performance of products and secure the process every single second.

Technology Centers of Kurita are ready to serve geothermal applications to validate investigation pillars

Geothermal Investigation Pillars (source: Kurita)

Investigation pillars for geothermal constitute Kurita’s methodology to handle each project under different process conditions. Thermal stability, anti-scaling effect, and corrosion protection parameters are tested in Kurita’s well-equipped laboratories located at the Kurita Europe Technology Centre (KETC), one of the biggest R & D centers for water treatment in the world.

Strong technical background, notable know-how from extensive activities all around the world, fast action in the field, local production and global supply chain make Kurita a perfect partner to improve daily production rates by managing the natural challenges of geothermal.

Contact our experts for more information. We will be glad to search for the best-customized solution. Our Kurita representatives are looking forward to meeting you face to face at the EGC in Berlin (B9 booth).

Source: Kurita Europe

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