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Large industrial park planned for Reno, Nevada to tap solar and geothermal energy

With potential investments of up to $3 billion, a private player is planning the development of an industrial park in Reno with data centers and more to come that would tap into solar and geothermal power in the State of Nevada.

Planned large-scale investment of up to $3 billion has been announced in Reno, Nevada. TerraScale, a Southern California-based clean infrastructure design and development company, is planning this ambitious green technology project.

The Energos Reno development is centered around two key strategies. The first is the development of critical infrastructure (roadways and utilities) that meet the demands of digital data/technology, manufacturing, distribution and warehousing for the US supply chain. The second is the development of renewable power by expanding the existing solar and geothermal sources; along with, future development of other potential technologies under discussion.

Part of the planned development are a data center that could be made fully carbon-neutral and off-grid leveraging the available renewable energy infrastructure on site.  This scalable data center and logistics could be using up to 500 MW of renewable power generated on site within the next 10 years utilising it as an inside-the-fence microgrid, so the news report by Nevada Appeal.

TerraScale is developing 3,700 acres of land, starting with 10 acres TerraScale has an option on the rest. The property is located in Churchill County and next to the Reno/Sparks Interstate I-80 corridor. Upon completion, Energos Reno will be the largest industrial / commercial / residential development in the US powered by hybrid renewable energy (geothermal, solar and other).

Initial Development of the property is complete with development including: Fiber Optic Trunk Line, and co-located Geothermal and Solar power generation facilities.

With the energy infrastructure in the region, the project sees itself in a great position to scale from initially 5 MW to then 20 and even 100 MW data center. The supportive and enabling government and location are clearly a positive aspect for the project. With initially around 50 jobs over the next three to five years, eventually this could increase to 300-400 jobs.

Read more about the project via the Energos Project website.

Source: Nevada Appeal, TerraScale

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