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Local power trader to engage in geothermal exploration in Malawi

Power Market Limited (PML) is working on a geothermal exploration framework for Malawi in cooperation with the Kenyan government and GDC.

Power Market Limited (PML), a local company involved in buying, selling, exporting, and importing electricity, has announced plans to embark  in the exploration of possible geothermal resources in Malawi. This follows a study tour of PML representatives to Kenya to learn about the geothermal development process and build a working relationship with Kenyan geothermal developer Geothermal Development Company (GDC).

Geothermal provides a stable and reliable alternative power source for Malawi, especially in the context of current power challenges caused by the damage of hydropower stations along the Shire river.

“Malawi has over-relied on hydropower and, over time, we have been affected by climate change which has resulted in perennial shortages of power, especially in summer,” said PML Director of Marketing and Corporate Services Villant Jana in an interview.

“Climate change has also resulted in high levels of rains that damage hydropower plants. As such, PML is looking for other power generation sources that are both sustainable and renewable like geothermal,” Jana added.

PML is currently working on an exploration model for geothermal. Upon approval by local authorities, this framework will allow for collaboration with the Kenyan government and GDC to facilitate skills transfer and expertise development in the field of geothermal technology.

Like Kenya, the geothermal prospects of Malawi lie along the East African Rift System. According to Jana, Malawi has 41 potential geothermal sites in Karonga, Rumphi, Nkhotaka, Machinga, Neno, Mwanza, and Chikwawa. A reconnaissance license for the Chiweta geothermal prospect in Rumphi district had previously been granted to Kalahari GeoEnergy Ltd.

Source: Nyasa Times

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