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MB Holding moving forward on next geothermal power plant project in Croatia

In a release today, MB Holding announces that it is progressing with construction of a second Geothermal Power Plant project in Croatia after Velika Ciglena.

MB Geothermal, a 100% subsidiary of MB Holding, has signed a contract with Croatian company Ekonerg for the engineering works of 19.9 MW Legrad ORC Geothermal Power plant.

Legrad power plant will be located in the vicinity of town of Koprivnica, in north of Croatia. It will be constructed with enhanced engineering systems (EES) and will annually generate approximately 165 GWh of electricity from renewable energy, which is the energy equivalent of approximately 100,000 barrels of oil. As geothermal energy is not subject to weather conditions, the plant will be a continuous energy provider to the electricity transmission system of Northern Croatia. MB Geothermal has also recently applied to Croatian transmission grid operator, HOPS, for energy connection review.

This is the second major geothermal project that MB Holding is developing in Croatia. The group is also operating the existing Velika Ciglena Geothermal Power plant close to Bjelovar –  the first geothermal power plant in Croatia and the largest in European Union that operates on binary principle (ORC). The power plant has a total gross power of 16.5 MW and an electricity purchase agreement with Croatian energy market operator (HROTE) for 10 MW, which corresponds to an average energy consumption of about 29,000 Croatian households and monthly generation of 7.3 GWh.

Mid-term corporate projections of MB Holding are to reach an installed capacity of 80 MW of Geothermal Power Plants in Croatian Operations.

Source: Company release by email

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