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Medium-enthalpy geothermal for electricity, heating, or both?

A Linkedin post by Energy Systems Expert Loic Quiquerez looks into the different scenarios of utilizing a medium-enthalpy geothermal resource.

In a Linkedin post by Energy Systems Expert Loic Quiquerez, he breaks down the merits of the different means of utilizing a geothermal resource at 120 -150 degrees Celsius. Through a simplified systematic approach, Quiquerez comes to the conclusion that using geothermal as a carbon-free alternative to heating is the most efficient mode of recover, given that there is a demand for heat.

The brief analysis looks at three alternatives:

The figure below summarizes the systematic analysis of these three scenarios.

Based on this analysis, Quiquerez emphasizes that the direct use of geothermal energy on a heating network is just as useful, if not more, than the production of electricity. However, he also notes that the decarbonization of heating will require a massive deployment of heat pumps, the deployment of heating networks, and works best when the resource is close to the heating needs.

Source: Loic Quiquerez via Linkedin


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