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Mitsubishi invests in geothermal project in Hokkaido, Japan

Mitsubishi Materials Co. is developing a geothermal project in Hakodate City in Japan as part of Kodate Kaizen Geothermal.

Mitsubishi Materials Co. Ltd. (MMC) has announced a partnership with Renova Co. Ltd. and Daiwa Energy and Infrastructure Co. Ltd. to develop a new geothermal power  plant  in the Eyama Area of Hakodate City in Hokkaido, Japan. This development will be under the company Kodate Kaizen Geothermal (Kaizen Geothermal).

Funding for the project is being subsidized by the Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation (JOGMEC). A resource survey is already underway, and large-diameter well drilling is planned within the year.

MMC enters this project will well-established experience and technological capabilities cultivated through many years of developing and managing coal mining, hydropower, and geothermal projects. MMC has an extensive history of development of geothermal power plants since 1974:

The group aims to contribute to a carbon-free society according to their corporate philosophy of “for people, society, and the Earth.”

Source: Mitsubishi Materials Co. and Yoshifumi Imamura via Linkedin

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