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Municipality gives green light for geothermal project in Kirchanschöring/ Laufen, Germany

As reported last night from Germany, the municipal council for Kirchanschöring has voted in favour for the use of a proposed site for a planned geothermal power plant. We reported on the plans for the project in Kirchanschöring and the city Laufen in Bavaria, Germany.

A study has shown in the past that it is geologically possible to recover geothermal energy for power generation in Kirchanschöring. Hot water is underground and really only needs to be mined. As a location for such a geothermal plant, an open space near the industrial park in Kirchanschöring is offered.

Investors are already lined up for the project through the company Marubeni and Salzburg AG. The decision by the municipality of Kirchanschöring has now been taken in favour.

The geothermal plant is primarily intended to generate electricity, but also heat. If everything goes according to plan, the plant can go into operation in 2022 – and for the next at least twenty years.

The project will be part of a special projects forum at the upcoming Praxisforum Geothermie.Bayern event 7-8 October 2019 in Munich, Germany.

Source: Bayernwelle

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