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Partnership signed on geothermal fluid measurement technology

Pertamina Geothermal Energy and local partner PT Elnusa are cooperating on technology that will allow the real-time measurement of geothermal fluids in production wells.

As reported last week, Indonesian state-owned PT Pertamina Geothermal Energy and PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa) have signed a cooperation agreement on geothermal technology development.

This collaboration between the companies aims to develop geothermal technology in the form of measuring the two-phase flow rate (Two Phase Flow Meter) as the world’s first geothermal technology breakthrough. Utilization of Field Prototype technology will be tested and operated in geothermal fields before it can be widely used. So far, there has been no real-time measurement technology for geothermal fluids  in production wells.

“After operational testing, this technology is expected to be widely used as PGE’s contribution to the development of geothermal technology both in Indonesia and internationally,” said PGE President Director Ahmad Yuniarto in an official statement. He said this technology was created by PGE workers through a series of studies in Indonesia and New Zealand. “With this innovation,  real-time  data can be obtained to ensure operational  excellence in the  performance of a geothermal well so that it can maintain the quality of the well,” added Ahmad.

Meanwhile, President Director of Elnusa Ali Mundakir said that this collaboration with PGE was a further realization of the cooperation that had been established quite closely before.

He said this collaboration is also one of Elnusa’s strategic steps to enter further into the Renewable Energy business. Elnusa has competence in engineering and fabrication and marketing of technical equipment products used in geothermal operations. Meanwhile, PGE has the technical and scientific capabilities to innovate the equipment needed for geothermal operations.

“With these advantages, the corporate strategic alliance with PGE will make both of them grow and advance together,” Ali explained.

Source: Medcom

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