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Poland launches 2nd phase of geothermal support program

Poland launches second phase of geothermal support program Polska Geotermia Plus supporting two shallower depth geothermal projects.

The Polish National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management (NFOSiGW) will transfer up to PLN 6 million in subsidies two resorts in the Lesser Poland Province – Krynica-Zdrój and Rabka-Zdrój – to use geothermal energy for heating purposes. The research work will be financed by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management from the second, pilot part of the priority program “Polska Geotermia Plus”, the launch of which was announced July 25, 2022 by the Chief National Geologist of Poland.

So far, geothermal energy has not been used for heating and energy purposes in spa areas in Poland. This situation may be changed by the program called “Implementation of low-temperature geothermal energy in spa municipalities – pilot project in the municipalities of Krynica-Zdrój and Rabka-Zdrój”, which is an extension and continuation of the “Polska Geotermia Plus” program already used in many Polish local governments. The new project aims to geologically investigate whether in Krynica-Zdrój and Rabka-Zdrój it will be possible, without technical obstacles and environmental hazards, to obtain heat from the inside of the earth for heating houses and public buildings, the Fund said.

“We are interested in the constant development of geothermal energy in various parts of our country, which is a clean, ecological and prospective source of renewable energy. The more so that the ‘Polish energy policy until 2040’ adopted by the government provides for a gradual increase in the importance of geothermal energy in district heating. The communes of Krynica-Zdrój and Rabka-Zdrój will allow geothermal energy to be presented as a safe source of heat generation, which does not harm the environment and does not pollute underground mineral waters in health resorts. , the use of which for recreational and health purposes is of particular importance in spas and tourist destinations “- said Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment, Chief National Geologist, government plenipotentiary for the state’s resource policy, Piotr Dziadzio, quoted in the press release.

The Chief Geologist of the Country reminded that low-temperature geothermal energy is a technology that uses heat stored in rocks in the surface part of the Earth at a depth generally not exceeding 300 m. It is based on the operation of ground heat pumps, providing energy available 24 hours a day, 365 days in the year – as a stable source of heat (and cold). The geothermal tile is readily available, low-emission, and can be used to heat (or cool) a variety of facilities. Due to the short payback time and proven and tested technology components, it is economically attractive and not burdened with high financial risk.

It can be combined with other ecological energy sources (e.g. photovoltaic cells or wind turbines), it also enables energy storage in the ground, which means that low-temperature shallow geothermal energy can be developed in particularly protected spa areas.

The currently launched second part of the priority program “Polska Geotermia Plus” assumes financial support by the NFEPWM for two types of projects in the municipalities of Krynica-Zdrój and Rabka-Zdrój: technical works and geological works related to the recognition and use of heat stored up to a depth of 150 m, as well as execution of demonstration installations using heat from the inside of the earth together with connections to heat recipients.

Co-financing in the form of a non-returnable subsidy will cover 100% of the eligible costs of the project. The budget for its implementation is to amount to PLN 6 million. The money will be used to make boreholes and two innovative pilot installations based on hole heat exchangers placed in these boreholes, as well as two geological documentation and two reports on the projects carried out.

The program “Implementation of low-temperature geothermal energy in spa municipalities – pilot project in the municipalities of Krynica-Zdrój and Rabka-Zdrój” – is to be implemented in the years 2022-2027, the contracts will be signed by December 31, 2024, and the funds will be spent until 31 December. December 2027.

Source:, Government of Poland

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