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Poland to invest up to $120m in geothermal in efforts to clean up air

Smog over Warsaw, Poland - Picture November 2015 (source: flickr/ Radek Kolakowski, creative commons)

Under an ambitious $2.4 billion program to help clean up the air in cities, the government of Poland – funded through own and EU funds – is investing up to $120 million into support for geothermal energy projects in the country.

The National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Poland has now launched a new program to improve air quality in Poland.

Under the PLN 10 billion ($2.4 billion) program, funded through EU funds and national sources- available in several activities and priority programs, coordinated and produced by the National Fund – will allow to keep making complex investment activities, educational and monitoring. The program, called Region is just one of the proposals NFO?iGW to reduce low-emissions and increase energy efficiency in Poland.

“Today, the National Fund has a wide range (to be financed both from the domestic and the European Union), typing in the action to eliminate or reduce low emission”, so Dr Kazimierz Kujda, CEO of the National Fund. “Improving air quality is, has been and will be one of the priorities of the National Fund, but achieving this requires above all coordinated action at the local government level. The necessity of their implementation in a comprehensive manner – while taking into account the conditions and needs of the regions – makes the development of a hierarchy of tasks and support local and regional projects in this field, in particular corrective action of the reduction and elimination of emissions from low sources, should fully take over the unit local government (with central support in the field of regulatory and legislative)”,  summarizes the President Kazimierz Kujda.

NFO?iGW with provincial funds for environmental protection and water management together form a system of financing environmental protection and water management in Poland. The National Fund is in this business a large, central public institution (the largest of its kind in Europe), which manages EU activities and large national programs, allocating financial resources for strategic Polish project environmentally friendly, including a wide range to combat low emissions.

The current Board of the National Fund unified list of priority programs, thereby defining new directions of financing, which are primarily: renewable energy sources (RES), thermo-modernization of non-commercial adaptation of Polish companies to EU standards, support Polish innovation and enable the use of EU funds (heating / co-financing). For financing projects in this area we reserved a budget of PLN 5.8 billion ($1.4 billion).


Under the new program there is support being provided for geothermal energy

It is described that developers could assume support for investments, as new construction, expansion or modernization of existing heating / geothermal power plants; modernization or expansion of existing sources of energy production for heating plant / geothermal power plant and the execution or reconstruction of the hole, provided they do not qualify to make a hole research. The beneficiaries of these activities can be an entrepreneur.

The budget of the competition is PLN 500 million ($120 million) and its intended form of financing is a loan or a preferential loan on market terms or capital investment. The prerequisite for financing is documented ability to receive thermal energy (including the ability to connect the source to the existing district heating network). This offer does not apply to recreational use of geothermal waters or spas.


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