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President Biden asked to assist in permitting for geothermal lithium project

The Imperial Irrigation District is hoping that President Biden can fast-track the federal permitting process of the geothermal lithium project in Hell’s Kitchen

With a vote of 4-0, the Board of Directors of the Imperial Irrigation District of Imperial Valley, California has decided to issue an official letter calling on President Biden to assist in the federal permitting process of the Hell’s Kitchen geothermal and lithium extraction project in the Salton Sea.

The proposed Hell’s Kitchen Lithium and Power project by Controlled Thermal Resources is expected to produce up to 49 MW of geothermal power and 20,000 tonnes of lithium carbonate. When fully completed, the capacity can increase to 1,100 MW of power and 300,000 tonnes of lithium carbonate per year.

As pointed out in the letter, the project will have significant economic impact on the Imperial Valley on top of the environmental benefits of producing clean energy. Imperial Valley has historically been one of the poorest communities in California.

As we had reported previously, Controlled Thermal Resources has already formed a strategic investment with General Motors (GM) to supply sustainably produced lithium for the car manufacturer’s electric vehicles.

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Source: Holtville Tribune

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