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Probably the coolest advertisement campaign for Geothermal Power

In order to highlight that it is building the first geothermal power plant in Germany’s Baden-Württemberg, utility EnBW developed this rather cool concept of an advertisement campaign.

Back already in 2008, German utility EnBW did an advertisement campaign to highlight that it is building the first geothermal power station in Germanys Baden-Württemberg, making the company a pioneer in this field.

I am not quite sure if the company actually did go forward with this campaign on a broader scale, but it is a rather cool way of making people aware of geothermal power.

The concept was developed by agency Jung von Matt/Elbe, Hamburg, and aims at making people aware of EnBW’s commitment. The concept is very simple; those gray traffic bollards were combined this sticker (to the left) on the ground: the result gave the impression of a giant highly realistic, three dimensional electric plug.

Interesting enough though people ask if it actually should be a socket rather than a plug … as geothermal would supply power not use it … or maybe this is splitting hairs.

But I really love the concept and something maybe the industry should use?


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