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Quaise Energy proposes SXSW panel on geothermal and energy transition

Community votes are needed for a proposed presentation of Quaise Energy at SXSW 2023 focusing on deep geothermal and the energy transition.

U.S.-based startup Quaise Energy (Quaise) has submitted a panel proposal for SXSW 2023 that will focus on climate change, the energy transition, and the potential role of deep geothermal. The goal for the panel is to bring the conversation about geothermal and the energy transition to a much broader audience.

Community votes will be needed for Quaise to chosen for one of the panels. You may visit the SXSW proposal page for more details about the proposed panel and to cast your vote. Voting is open only until August 21, 2022.

Quaise Energy is currently developing a disruptive drilling technology that uses millimeter waves (MMW) that will facilitate the drilling of deeper geothermal wells. This will give access to supercritical geothermal resources that are up to 12 miles beneath the Earth. Recently, Quaise secured $40 million and an additional $12 million of investment through separate funding rounds.

South by Southwest (popularly abbreviated as SXSW) is an annual event for films, festivals, and conferences in Austin, Texas. The 2023 event is scheduled to take place on March 10 to 19.

Source: SXSW Panel Picker

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