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Ram Power Corp. adds 2 new directors to its Board

In a release, “Ram Power, Corp. (TSX:RPG) announces that it has added Mr. Robert R. Gilmore as a member to its Board of Directors and chair of its Audit Committee, as well as Ram Power’s intention to nominate Mr. Mario Arana to its Board of Directors at the next annual meeting of shareholders of Ram Power.

Mr. Gilmore is a Certified Public Accountant and has served as a chief financial officer and financial consultant to a number of private and public companies. He is a director and member of the audit committees of several companies including Layne Christensen Company, Eldorado Gold Corporation and Global Med Technologies, Inc.

Mr. Arana previously served as a director of Polaris Geothermal Inc. and has had a distinguished career which includes serving as President of the Central Bank of Nicaragua and Minister of Finance of Nicaragua. He holds a Ph.D in Economics and is a specialist in international economics. The company intends to nominate Mr. Arana to its Board of Directors at the next annual meeting of shareholder of Ram Power, and until that time has invited Mr. Arana to participate as an observer with all rights vested at its meetings of the Board of Directors.

In making this announcement, Hezy Ram, CEO of Ram Power said, “We are very pleased that both Mr. Gilmore and Mr. Arana have agreed to join our Board of Directors. They will each contribute to broadening the skills and the experience of our Board as a whole. We are proud that we have attracted a group of extremely talented individuals with strong reputations to serve as our directors.”

Source: Company release via Newswire

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