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Recent ESMAP workshop aimed to help Tanzania prepare for geothermal development

There are continuing efforts made in capacity building for the geothermal development ambitions in Tanzania. Earlier this month, the World Bank’s ESMAP program held a two-days workshop with Tanzania Geothermal Development Company (TGDC).

Held in Dar Es Salaam, the workshop was a form for knowledge sharing among key stakeholders in the energy and extractive resource sectors on the status of geothermal development in Tanzania with a special focus on activities needed to prepare for exploration drilling.

Furthermore, the workshop brought together experts on geothermal training programs for various aspects of geothermal development, including surface exploration, management of resource data, preparation of geothermal drilling projects and related environmental and social safeguards. Amongst other stakeholders, representatives from the Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) from Indonesia and TNO from Netherlands, both members of GEOCAP, the Geothermal Capacity Building Programme by Indonesia and the Netherlands participated in the workshop.

The first day of workshop focused on the geothermal development lesson learned from industries all over the world such as from Indonesia, Netherlands and several other countries. In this opportunity, Hans Veldkamp from TNO gave presentation on “Value of Oil, Gas and Mineral Exploration Data for Geothermal Exploration”. The second day focused on discussing various types of capacity building and geothermal training around the world. Suryantini and Nurita Putri from ITB shared about Geothermal Education and Training at ITB. GEOCAP as one of the capacity development programs currently running in Indonesia was presented on the workshop especially on how this program contributes to geothermal human resource development in Indonesia.

After two days workshop, participants visited Mbeya geothermal site where the first geothermal drilling has been planned. Apart from geothermal site the participant also visited CO2 mine and Travertine mine as the side product of geothermal process in this region.


Source: GeoCAP

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