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Recent workshop highlights geothermal direct use opportunities in BC, Canada

A recent workshop held by CanGEA highlighted the great opportunities presented by geothermal energy mostly for direct use applications, such as home heating, green houses etc.

In its efforts to educate the general public on the opportunities presented by geothermal energy in Canada, the Canadian Geothermal Energy Association (CanGEA) recently held a direct use workshop in Valemount, British Columbia.

The workshop featured a series of passionate presentations showcasing what geothermal energy and geothermal heat can offer.

Following an introduction to geothermal energy, Alison Thompson of CanGEA presented case studies from several countries as examples on what could be achieved with geothermal heat, focusing on job creation.

Toni Boyd, formerly of the Geo-Heat Centre at the Oregon Institute of Technology presented the work of her group in Klamath Falls in Oregon. The highlight though seems to have been the presentation by Bernie Karl, owner of Chena Hot Springs Resort in Alaska.

In his presentation he talked about his work and vision utilising geothermal energy for power generation, heating, year-round green houses and cooling for a year-round Aurora Ice Museum.  These are some of Karl’s successful ventures to make the most of what God has given, including, as he says, “the heat under our feet.”

Back in 2004, Forbes Magazine awarded Bernie Karl with an unfortunate title — owner of the “Dumbest Business Idea of the Year.” Karl had paid a team of carvers to construct the Aurora Ice Hotel, only to watch the expensive building melt the following summer. Instead of getting agitated about it he embraced it. He even supplied a good-humored quote for the article: “I took a frozen asset and turned it into a liquid asset.” (see: Newsminer)

Now he represents one of the most complete businesses utilising geothermal energy off the grid and a great example for geothermal use in communities, e.g. in British Columbia, Canada.

Via the link below you can watch some of the speeches via video.


Source: The Rocky Mountain Goat

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