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RenewGeo – a new technology approach of a solar-powered synthetic geothermal plant

After having secured two geothermal production wells for their RenewGeo project, Reno-based Unified Collective (UC) Won is now seeking an advisory opinion from the Public Utilities Commission that will declare the company as NOT being “public utility” and therefore allow them to operate with more regulatory flexibility.

RenewGeo is an innovative concept that seeks to combine the potential of large-scale solar power production and geothermal energy by “storing” solar power as heat and pump it into old or unusable geothermal wells. This way, solar energy can be made available on demand without having to rely on lithium-ion batteries or other technologies.

According to UC Won LCC co-founder and co-author of the white paper on RenewGeo, this project is an “opportunity to bring new ideas and technology to an industry that has limited and antiquated approaches.”

In the application filed by UC Won to the Public Utilities Commission, they have requested to not be subject to conditions in the state’s 704B law. This law allows large power users to file applications to preemptively leave NV Energy. However, UC Won that their facility will be located outside of the utility’s service territory.

Source: The Nevada Independent

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