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RFP: Seeking applications for Expert Advisory Task Force – Ethiopian Geothermal Directory

The United States Agency for International Development implemented by the U.S. Energy Association has issued a call for CVs of applicants for an Expert Advisory Task Force for the Ethiopian Energy Authority Geothermal Directorate. RFP closing date is May 22, 2020.

The United States Energy Association (USEA) is inviting prospective individuals through this Call for CVs to submit proposals to participate in an expert advisory task force for the Ethiopian Energy Authority’s Geothermal Directorate. This is an activity implemented by USEA, funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) as part of Power Africa.

Proposals are due by 17:00 hours EST of the closing date.  Please forward your proposal in soft copy (PDF form) to Ms. Ashley Ndir, Deputy Program Director, at

As this is a USAID-funded program, the Call for CVs follows USAID Procurement Regulations and Laws. All bidder details will be kept confidential.

DRAFT RFP for EEA team of experts4.17.pdf


The Government of Ethiopia (GoE) is aggressively working to develop their nation’s 7,000 MW of geothermal resources.  GoE has set a target generating capacity of 2,500 MW from geothermal resources by 2030.  In order to support the GoE’s objectives, the United States Government (USG), through Power Africa, has been collaborating with the private sector and other development finance institutions (DFIs) to accelerate the development of Ethiopia’s geothermal resources.

In 2016 the Ethiopian Parliament passed the Geothermal Resources Development Proclamation (GRDP).  The Proclamation has mandated EEA with the issuance and monitoring of geothermal licenses in Ethiopia. Thus, the creation of EEA’s Geothermal Resource Development License Administration (GRDLA). The GRDLA is assigned the task of conducting compliance and monitoring activity, facilitating approval of permits for drilling plans, drilling programs, well design plans, drilling permits and reviewing of the regulatory aspects of Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and Implementation Agreement (IA). With drilling activities commencing in Ethiopia, it is critical timing for EEA’s GRDLA to be able to call upon a team of experts to assist them in the review process.

This Call for CVs aims to identify up to 4 experts, to each provide remote assistance to EEA’s GRDLA management and staff under the direction of USEA.

The expert’s qualifications could include:

Specific experience sought includes:

Scope of Work: 

The objective of this Consultancy is to support EEA’s GRDLA in developing effective and efficient regulation of Ethiopia’s geothermal resources by providing assistance in developing internal policies and procedures and assisting with review of external licensing and compliance requests.


At the onset of this contract the Consultant(s) will review available documentation on Ethiopia’s Geothermal Resource Development Proclamation as well as the Geothermal Directives. The Consultant(s) will then carry out the following:

Task 1: Internal Operational Support

The internal operational support could include sub-tasks such as:

Task 2: External Review:

The external review process could include sub-tasks such as:

Further details via the link below.

Source: U.S. Energy Association

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