Russia to extend geothermal plant on Kunashir, Kurils Islands

Geothermal landscape and volcanic caldera, Kuril Islands, Sakhalin Oblast, Russia (source:
Alexander Richter 4 Jul 2011

As part of a larger US$43 million investment package on civilian and military infrastructure in the Kuril Islands, Russia plans to extend the geothermal power plant on the Island and install central heating from the plant.

Reported from Russia, the country plans to spend “US$ 43 million dollars this year on civilian and military infrastructure in the Kuril Islands, a Pacific Ocean territory claimed by Japan, the Interfax news agency reported.

Kunashir Island, which is considered by the Japanese government to be part of Japan’s northern Hokkaido province, will receive the bulk of the state financing, according to a Russian government statement.

All homes and businesses in the main town on Kunashir, Yuzhno-Kurilsk, will have installed indoor plumbing and central heating, and the town’s adjacent Mendeleev geothermal power plant have its capacity increased, officials at Russia’s Ministry of Regional Development said.

Kunashir’s main employer, a state-run fish processing plant, also will receive new equipment, said Segei Ababkov, a government spokesman.
The northern Kuril island Iturup will be another big beneificiary of the spending and will get a deep water wharf and airfield extensions to be built at the Burevestnik air force base, Ababkov said.

Russia obtained control of the entire Kuril Island chain in the final weeks of World War II by invasion after declaring war on Japan.
The mostly volcanic islands saw a dramatic drop in population in the 1990s because of earthquakes and reduced spending by Moscow on the region.
The Kremlin in recent years has reversed the trend with systematic investments in Kuril civilian and military infrastructure, backed by high-profile visits by senior Russian officials.”

Source: Monsters and Critics