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SRE completes modernization project of Olkaria geothermal power plants

Upgrades made by SRE Power on the geothermal wellhead power plants of KenGen in Olkaria, Kenya have improved the reliability and performance of the wellhead units.

The SRE Power Group (SRE) has announced the completion of the modernization of the control systems for three geothermal wellhead power plants (KWG 08, 09 and 15 power stations) operated by KenGen in Olkaria, Kenya. SRE’s work has helped further assure KenGen on the reliability and performance of the wellhead units.

The project saw the upgrading and modification of the Human-Machine Interface (HMI) and the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) as well as some additional system hardwiring. This project has helped in eliminating some technical faults caused by unusual weather conditions, as well as helping to prevent tripping of the power plants.

SRE is grateful for the support of the Kengen management and technical staff, for their professional and diligent work alongside the SRE engineering team.

HMI at KenGen facility (source: SRE Power)

SRE Power Group is focused on the design, manufacture, installation, and operation of power plants from renewable energy sources including geothermal, waste heat recovery and Solar + Green Hydrogen. SRE is currently working on the development of the Biliran & Montelago geothermal projects with a total potential of 300 MW in the Philippines and a 100 MW Solar + Hydrogen project in Bakura, Nigeria. SRE’s geothermal pilot plants in Biliran and Montelago, Philippines will both be commissioned in early 2023.

Source: Email correspondence

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