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Star Energy to continue geothermal expansion both in Indonesia and abroad

Following its acquisition by PT Barito Pacific, Star Energy plans to continue expansion plans at its geothermal plants in Indonesia, as well as expansion of greenfield development in Indonesia and abroad.

Following its acquisition by PT Barito Pacific, as we reported earlier this month, geothermal company Star Energy Group Holdings Pte Ltd has announced a mix in expansion efforts. The company plans to expand existing assets, while also purchase additional renewable energy projects in Indonesia and abroad.

By production, Star Energy is the second largest geothermal company in the world, and third largest when it comes to installed capacity (875 MW). The company will maintain a focus on geothermal power, given its important and fruitful role in the field of renewable energy for Indonesia.

Star Energy will continue its planned expansion on its operating assets:

Furthermore, the company plans to develop two greenfield resources in Hamiding Island and South Sekincau, which are in exploration stage. Both sites are said to hold significant geothermal resources. Star Energy plans also an approach on greenfield and brownfield acquisition opportunities in the renewables space, not only in Indonesia but also abroad.

Source: Renewables Now

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