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Striking “gold” with hotter water than expected for geothermal spa in England

Drilling for a geothermal spa project in Penzance in Cornwall, England yields hotter water than expected, making it a successful project for the heating of parts of the pool complex to be opened in 2019.

Drilling for project that is to use geothermal heat for the Jubilee Pool spa provides for hotter water than expected, so an article in Cornwall Live. With temperatures of up to 30 degrees Celsius, it will provide a source to heat the water of parts of the pool complex in the city of Penzance in Cornwall, England.

According to the company drilling the well, Geothermal Engineering Ltd (GEL), warm water was found in a ‘geothermal vein’ 410 metres deep into the rock below Penzance’s iconic Jubilee Pool.

Due to those results, the project yields more geothermal energy than planned, and adds to the wider goal of GEL to prove the viability of geothermal energy in Cornwall.

The project for the Jubilee Pool geothermal heating raised GBP 500k via a community share offer with a total project cost of GBP 1.8 million. The project ads a heated section of the pool, expanding the offer for local and tourists coming to the pool.

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Source: Cornwall Live

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