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The attractiveness of Lithium extraction from geothermal brines over others

A fantastic article shared recently provides an excellent overview of what makes the extraction of Lithium from geothermal brine so attractive over other methods in the “mining” of lithium needed for battery production.

A fantastic overview by Alex Grant, published on FinFeed, provides an overview on how Lithium as abundant element is “notoriously challenging to extract and refine into a a chemical product that can be used to manufacture the cathode materials used in the batteries of electric vehicles.”

The article shares the current status of development with regards to extraction technologies and their application.

Some interesting points/ companies mentioned in the article:

The key advantages of the Lithium extraction from geothermal brine are described as:

With that direct Lithium extraction (DLE), Lithium extraction from geothermal is seen as much better positioned to other sources of Lithium, such as South American Salar-type Brines and Australian Spodumene & Chinese conversion.

For the full article, see link below.

Source: FinFeed

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