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ThinkGeoEnergy celebrates the World Geothermal Energy Day

ThinkGeoEnergy joins the whole world in celebrating the 2nd annual World Geothermal Energy Day.

Along with the rest of the geothermal industry, ThinkGeoEnergy is happy to participate in the 2nd World Geothermal Energy Day.

The World Geothermal Energy Day is a global celebration of the positive benefits of of geothermal energy and the people who make it happen. It is held on October 17th annually to commemorate the thermal eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD.

Among the goals of the World Geothermal Energy Day is to help in raising awareness of the many benefits of geothermal systems to the environment, economy, society, and the people’s general well-being. As a major platform for reporting on global geothermal news and connecting the various players in the geothermal industry, ThinkGeoEnergy fully supports this objective of the global celebration.

This year’s celebration also coincides with the beginning of major changes in the organization of ThinkGeoEnergy to help us adapt with a rapidly growing and evolving geothermal industry.

From all of us here at ThinkGeoEnergy, Happy #WorldGeothermalEnergyDay!

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