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Türkerler Holding to invest up to $664 million in geothermal development in Turkey

Announced this week byt company Chairman Kaz?m Türker, Türkerler Holding, a Turkey-based energy and construction company, announced investment plans of up to $664 million into geothermal power projects in the city of Manisa in Turkey, as reported by Daily Sabah.

The company already invested around $200 million for two geothermal power plants in the region, with a combined installed power generation capacity 9f 48 MW. For its current work on the third geothermal plant, the company is investing $136 million.

“After completing the third geothermal power plant in Manisa, we will respectively start constructing JES 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 power plants. We will invest almost $664 million in these new plants. Thanks to these plants, this region’s installed power capacity will reach 248 MW of in the region. Thus, our total geothermal investment in Manisa will reach almost $1 billion,” Türker announced.

There is though no indication on the timing of these additional projects.

Source: Daily Sabah

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