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Turkey pushing geothermal spa tourism to reach 1 million tourists per year

The Turkish government is pushing plans to increase tourism in its geothermal spa and health sector, helping to make the country leading in the region.

As reported locally, the government of Turkey is making efforts in a push for its geothermal tourism sector. The plan is for the country to play a leading role in this specific element of the tourism sector in the region, aiming to attract 1 million tourists.

In addition it is planned to increase number of city hospitals and health centers that are serving foreign patients coming to Turkey for treatments.

The number of foreign patients who receive public health services in public, private and university hospitals stood at 359,000 last year and 183,000 in the first half of this year. Turkey aims to rank second in the global health tourism sector by 2023.

In an attempt to step up a gear in the health tourism sector, Turkey aims to welcome 1.5 million tourists and 1 million tourists in thermal tourism. The country currently ranks seventh in the world in terms of geothermal potential.

One of the steps taken in this context has been the ongoing cooperation with Turkish Airlines (THY). While THY will distribute brochures on Turkey’s health tourism and thermal tourism on passenger planes, promotion and culture consultancies in more than 40 countries will shoulder the responsibility in this regard. Turkey aims to be among the top two countries in the world in health tourism and to become a health hub in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia and Russia within the scope of its 2023 vision goals

Source: Daily Sabah

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