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Turkish buffaloes enjoying geothermal hot springs in the winter

Buffalos and their herdsmen take advantage of local hot springs in Eastern Turkey being convinced it not only increases the health but also quality of milk and cheese produced.

In eastern Turkey, buffaloes are encouraged to take a warm bath for the sake of their health, as we reported before. But clearly this is too nice of a story to not share again.

In the Guroymak district, Bitlis province, Eastern Turkey, in the region of the Nemrut volcano, which is rich in hot springs, winter is the time for the livestock to bathe. In weather conditions below freezing point, the pools there are like open spas that offer warm water created by geothermal energy. There were even plans for a geothermal power project at Mount Nemrut by an Icelandic joint venture about 7-8 years ago.

As reported by VOA Indonesia, buffaloes, their herdsmen, as wall the horses they ride are often found bathing in these hot springs and clearly enjoying themselves.  In the long winters in this region of Turkey, they do this several times throughout the season.  The temperature at the the largest pool in this snowy area, Budakli hot spring reaches 40 degrees Celsius, a comfortable temperature in the freezing outside temperatures in the winter time.

Halit Akin often brings the buffalo that he grazes there. “I take the cattle to this hot spring to cleanse their bodies. By spending time here, the health of the animals is getting better. They are also finally able to raise their babies better,” he explained. Akin believes that hot baths increase the milk production of the female buffalo, and this means ensuring a food supply for the baby buffalo.

The distance from the village where Akin lives to the hot spring area is about 7 kilometers, and Akin and his livestock spend three hours soaking each time they visit.

Baran Aylu, another herder, said he takes his cattle to the hot springs almost every weekend. She not only bathes her animals, but also enjoys the springs.

“When caring for animals in cages during the winter, they get dirty easily. I bathe them in hot springs to clean their bodies. I also bathe with them, and have fun with the baths,” he said.

Villagers in the Guroymak district believe that the hot springs have mystical healing properties. The water not only helps heal old wounds on the buffalo, but also cleanses the buffalo of dirt and produces better milk and cheese.

Guroymak district also attracts many domestic and foreign tourists. They generally come there to try out the healing properties of the hot springs there. The main sources of income for the villages there are cheese, butter and buffalo milk.

Source: VOA Indonesia

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