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Two companies eye land for development on the big island of Hawaii

Innovations Development Corp and Avalor Energy Corp. are eyeing land on the Big Island of Hawaii prior to HELCO, the local utility’s RFP for geothermal development.

Reported locally, there are two Hawaiian companies that are looking at two properties to acquire ahead of Hawaii Electric Light Co (HELCO). ‘s RFP for geothermal development on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Innovation Development Group – having formed Huena Power in 2011, has identified more than 400 acres approximately 2 miles from the geothermal power plant of Puna Geothermal Venture.

The other company, Avalor Energy Corp. – as reported – considers leasing land about two miles from Leilani Estates on the island.

According to the rules of HELCO’s geothermal RFP, companies are required to secure property prior to submitting a bid.

Source: Hawaii Tribune-Herald via Pacific Business News

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